DuVall Designs in Phoenix, Arizona, is providing a look at the details of web design that all business owners must face.  This fifth in the series discusses finding the right web designer or web developer to help bring your website project to the internet.

Most business owners will use the terms website designer and website developer interchangeably, though there are some differences.  Typically a website designer focuses more on the structure or plan, flow of information and user experience of the web design, whereas a website developer will contribute the programming and construction that keeps the entire website working seamlessly and effectively.  In today’s market it is common to expect both of these skills from a single website company – particularly if the website company employs a staff or team of people – and this article will use the terms interchangeably.

Choosing the right web development company is an important consideration.  Business owners should communicate with several web companies to find the one that matches their work style, communication needs, and skill level for the project.  A reputable website design company will understand and expect this pre-project interview step.  They will be prepared to outline their team, typical project time table, and perhaps even provide a project quote.

Business owners should expect to receive a price range in this initial assessment rather than a specific figure.  Website development companies will need to carefully consider every detail of the project before they can provide an exact quote.  Some website design companies will charge a fee for quoting a project.  If your website is large or complex, this fee is well worth the price and usually eliminates unpleasant pricing surprises down the road.

Finding the right web design company is often about how the early interactions “feel.”  You can determine quite a bit about a company in whether they return phone calls in a timely manner, whether they explain concepts effectively, and whether they inspire confidence for you.  You will also want to review the portfolio of the website company, and be sure to go beyond just the home pages of their past clients.  Click throughout the sample websites to determine whether the user experience is fluid or frustrating.  And, of course, a reputable and experienced website developer will have references available.