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DuVall Designs Recommends Yoast for WordPress SEO

A clean and organized website is essential to your website’s success. Having a search engine friendly website provides a strong foundation for future marketing efforts. With over 1 million downloads, Yoast and All in one SEO are by far the most commonly used WordPress plugins for SEO. Although we’ve had great success with All in one SEO, Yoast’s recent improvements now provide a highly robust application allowing webmasters or savvy clients the ability to maximize their search rankings. Out of the box, Yoast will provide you with the basic tools needed to create a highly optimized website. We recommend purchasing the PRO version for additional features such as the redirect tool and monitoring multiple keyword analysis are well worth the price. They also offer 6 months of support after purchase.


The ABCs of Building a Website – Online Marketing

The final installment of this series by DuVall Designs in Phoenix, Arizona, will cover getting your website launched well with effective website marketing. Most small business owners view marketing their business and business website as an overwhelming, expensive, complicated undertaking. But it does not have to be. With a little guidance about where to look and what to avoid, the process of website marketing can be easily tackled.

The first thought to keep in mind is that marketing is never finished, but rather it is an on-going process. Try to budget a little time each week for online website marketing activities. One best practice: set a timer and work for exactly one hour. The timer will help keep you focused and will curb any tendency to stray off and browse. During that hour each week, focus on these types of activities:


The ABCs of Building a Website – Search Engine Optimization

The many facets of search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is sixth in the series by DuVall Designs in Phoenix, Arizona, that provides a look at the details of web design that all business owners must face.  Search engine optimization means to set up your website to maximize the chances that your web address will return highly when anyone searches for your product or service by typing key words into a search engine.

SEO Keywords
Earlier in this series, installment #3 Choosing Key Words, we looked at how appropriate choice of key words and keyword placement would help boost overall SEO efforts.  As your website is being designed and constructed, it is time to discuss SEO with your website designer or website developer.  There are more types of SEO than can be covered in this article, with more techniques being developed every day.  But there are a reliable set of basics that should be addressed.


Tricks to Help Website Owners Boost Their SEO

Search engine optimization for your website is essential to helping potential customers find your business. But it is only about half the battle. With some further time spent promoting your website in other areas, most businesses will help increase their traffic even further. This is a great boost to the professional web development and SEO services you already have in place.

Write Blogs

Adding regular blogs that contain SEO key words can help keep your content fresh with search engines. Regular posts will not only provide more content to be indexed, but will also allow you to include new key words beyond your original optimization. Keep the blog content focused on helpful hints or industry news that your visitors want to know. The more you offer, the more often they will return.


The Right Site Architecture Benefits Visitors and Search Engines

Architecture sounds like an intimidating word, and many businesses seeking a website might stop right there.  But the term applied to web sites simply means to give thought to the structure of pages before the development begins.  There is a balance to be achieved between visual appeal, ease of use, and search engine optimization.  An experienced Phoenix SEO company will understand that balance and help guide you to the best architecture choice.

Too Flat or Too Deep
Think of your website architecture as one those old fashion steel climbing structures – monkey bars, if you will – found on older playgrounds.  If the structure is too flat, maybe only one or two levels, it is uninteresting and will not hold the attention of your visitors for very long.  But if the structure is too deep with too many levels, the experience can be confusing, even daunting.  Visitors will make a quick exit if they cannot easily find the information they want.  Search engines, too, can have difficulty indexing the entire site in one pass if the architecture is too convoluted.