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DuVall Designs has worked with Hillside Appliance Repair Service in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona, to provide search engine optimization – SEO – services that will raise the ranking of the locally-owned business on search engines.

Page Rankings and SEO
When HAR first contracted with DD, their average page ranking on most search terms was about page 7. After several months of applying SEO strategies and steadily increasing blogs posts, HAR average page rank has improved to pages 2-3, which is a tremendous improvement. But as all businesses want to appear on page 1, there is some further distance to go.

Competitive Search Terms
Each type of business has SEO terms – known as keywords – that are commonly searched. In some business sectors – real estate, attorneys, and appliance repair – the competition for page 1 rankings can be fierce.

Combining a highly-competitive search term with local terms, such as Appliance Repair Phoenix, helps make the business entry more unique. But as most internet-savvy businesses are doing the same thing, more is needed.

Unique Search Terms
Sometimes the solution to increasing rankings is to choose search terms that are less general. For instance, the general Appliance Repair can be broken into more specific chunks: refrigerator repair, dishwasher repair, etc.

Since SEO and page rankings are not an exact science, each website must be approached from the unique angle that will yield the highest results.

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