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The ABCs of Building a Website – Know Your Budget

The second in the series to help visitors better understand the website development process, DuVall Designs from Phoenix, Arizona, is providing a look at the variety of topics new business owners must face. 

Most of us consider “budget” to be a dirty word.  But with website development, determining your budget will be one of the most important decisions you make.  You can find website designers that offer website creation costing anywhere from $500 to $500,000.  Chances are good that you do not want or need either of those two extremes.  So determining what you WILL need is important.


The ABCs of Building a Website – A Strong Domain Name

Website designers often encounter business owners that know they need to have website development, but who truly do not understand exactly what that means. To help visitors better understand the process, DuVall Designs from Phoenix, Arizona, is providing a series of blog posts that deal with the variety of topics new business owners must face. When undertaking new website creation, it is important to consider everything from the domain name and project budget, to marketing and potential key word choices, to work flow, website design, search engine optimization, user experience, and website content that leads to sales conversions. This article is first in the series, and outlines the strategies for choosing an effective domain name with keywords that signal exactly what your business offers.


The Importance of Choosing the Right Web Developer

When you are ready to develop a website, there are plenty of web developers to choose from in the Phoenix area offering a wide range of products and prices. Some customers will automatically choose the lowest price and some will choose the fanciest name. But with website development, what really matters are the company’s adaptability to your needs and a solid reputation with its clients. Investing some time up front to choose the right web site developer is probably the most important step you can take.

There are some big details in web development that will probably be the same across most companies you talk to, such as choice of layout and navigation options. But as with many projects, some of the most important details are also small details. For a successful finished project that looks great and functions for years to come or can easily be updated as needed, these small details are critical.