Custom Web Design

Stand out from your competitors with a Custom Web Design!

When creating a custom web design, every detail and element is original and crafted just for your business. If your business plans call for a unique look and feel, then a custom would be the way to go.

All custom web designs are created after thoroughly discussing your goals, ideas, and online business plan. Call to action, hot links, sign-up forms, colors, and overall design will be discussed before the first example is ready for review. Once completed, clients will have the right to either accept, modify, or start a new design.

Costs will vary depending on the amount of revisions, layouts, applications, and pages required to complete a custom web design for your business. Client participation is a must. Approving the design and providing input, is all part of the process. This is your company and nobody knows it better than you!

This is the most elaborate type of web design and the price and timeline will reflect the complexity. Most of our custom web design projects take between a few weeks to a few months to complete. Larger projects such as complex e-commerce projects may take longer.

I will always strive to exceed client expectations and ensure client satisfaction.