How long does it take to create a web design?

Development time varies greatly with each site and depends on the complexity of the project. A simple customization may be completed in a few weeks, whereas a completely custom web design project may take months. Project development length also depends on the participation of your business. Completing a web design project will require information from the business owner such as logos, pictures, and content ideas. Your web design can be completed in a shorter time frame if information is readily available and provided when requested.

How much does web design cost?

Web Design cost varies greatly with each site, and depends on the complexity of features, original graphics development, and number of pages. I will complete a phone interview to determine the needs of your business and provide a written and detailed estimate of the work to be completed.

If I choose a template, will my business look unique?

Web Design Templates are fully customizable, and your site can look completely different. Some business owners choose to keep the colors and graphics that come with the template, and others choose to make changes. Either way, the content of your site will be tailored to your business and will be unlike anything else on the web. These are ideal for companies on a smaller budget looking for a more affordable web design.

How is payment handled?

Once the estimate is approved and a web design contract is signed, payment of at least one-half of the estimated charges is due before work begins. After the web design is complete and has been approved, the balance will be due before the site goes live.

What if I decide to make changes after work begins?

Addendums to the contract may be added, and additional fees for the changes are due at that time.

Web Design FAQ

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