Save some cash with a Template “Driven” Web Design

Semi Custom Web DesignCreating a web design using a pre-designed template can significantly save on development time. Customizing a pre-made web design is a great way to achieve a professional look and feel with a smaller budget in mind. Since you can select a template from thousands of professional layouts, it is possible to find the exact combination of features that you dream of. With my experience in transforming web design themes into a unique online presence, your site will never look like it came straight out of the box.

More Affordable Web Design Rates

Rates for customizing a website theme depend on how much a template needs to be altered. Design changes may range from simply changing the text, to a complete template overhaul. Rates will also vary with the number of custom applications created and the number of revisions requested. Adjusting templates saves time and is much more affordable than developing a custom web design.

Template adjustments may include:

  • Adding your text
  • Adding your existing logo
  • Changing the color scheme
  • Adding new pages
  • Importing custom images
  • Customizing buttons
  • Adding internal or external links
  • Altering animations
  • Creating custom banners
  • Creating and/or connecting email forms
  • Create and add slideshows
  • Catalog Development
  • Add e-commerce capabilities
  • Plugin additions and modifications