Professional Web Design Services

DuVall Designs specializes in professional web design and can assist you from beginning to end by formulating a plan, choosing a pre-coded template or creating a custom web design. A great design is an important factor to your online success. A well designed website that is visually appealing to the eye will keep your visitors engaged. A busy or unattractive website will cause visitors to leave quickly and most likely will never come back.

I focus on clean and understandable designs that make sense to the user. Enhanced graphics will be used to maintain a professional, unique and modern look. Placement and “Call to Actions” will be carefully thought out to ensure the highest success possible.

Web Design Services

5 Step Web Design Process

Web Design Process Step 1

Determine your budget / plan

Projects can vary from simple construction to a more complex structure. Once we have figured out your budget, we can then formulate a plan suitable for your business.

Web Design Process Step 2

Choose a template / create custom design

Select a professional template or discuss a custom design. If you are having trouble selecting a template, we will be more than happy to help you choose one that will best fit your business. At this time, you may purchase the template separately or choose to roll the fees into your total price. For a custom web design, colors and layout preferences will be discussed at this time.

Web Design Process Step 3

Gather information

Here we will determine the overall layout of your web design (i.e., color scheme, logo placement, navigation scheme, links, etc.). At this time, you will need to submit your information for each page. Please Note: As the business owner, it will be your responsibility to collect and organize the information for your project (e.g., text, pictures, graphics). This information should be categorized per page and submitted via email.

Web Design Process Step 4

Build your website

During this phase, the actual creation of your web site will begin. WordPress is the most common platform used, however static html websites are popular as well. You will be provided a link so that you may monitor the progress. Once the site is finished, we will review the web site together and make any necessary changes.

Web Design Process Step 5

Test / debug / upload

Once the web design is complete, we will test and debug the code to ensure that the web site is working properly with the most popular versions of the common browsers at that time. Once debugged, we will upload the web site to your desired location.

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