What is a Responsive Website?

A responsive website will clearly display content regardless of the device’s screen resolution. User experience will remain high no matter what device is used. A website developed responsively has the ability to adapt its content to the device being used. Visitors using a NON responsive website will likely become frustrated and move on to a competitor’s site more suitable for their device.

Responsive Website Developer for Phoenix, Arizona

If you are developing a new website you certainly want to start with a universal device compatible website. If you already have a non-responsive website, it makes sense to look into a compatible solution. Responsive websites are better for search engine optimization and will ensure your visitors have a positive user experience.

Responsive Websites

Non-Responsive Website

Non-Responsive Websites force you to ZOOM into a particular section of the screen  in order to accurately view the information.

Non Responsive Website

Responsive Website

Text, graphics and logos are in a large format and readable. Users do not have to ZOOM in to view your information.

Responsive Website