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This is something we see way too often… slow websites. Your website speed is easily overlooked and can significantly effect your bottom line. Our standard services will help increase website speed.

Website speed is a important factor for two BIG reasons:

USER EXPERIENCE – Technology has expanded significantly over the past few years. Potential clients are now using a variety of devices to view your website. To break it down even further… mobile devices, tablets, laptops, personal computers come in all shapes and forms. If your visitors are NOT viewing your information quickly they will move on, most likely to your competition.

SEARCH ENGINES – There are a number of factors search engines take into consideration in order to rank your website. Page speed is one of them. Page speed is extremely important as it can have a direct effect on other factors search engines take into consideration such as bounce rates, page views and overall user experience.

We typically can make a difference for $150. An additional estimate will be provided if your site has more complicated issues such as malware, transient problems or a large number of images that need to be compressed. Reports will be provided before and after our service.

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Increase Website Speed

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