Website SEO is essential to helping potential customers find your business. But it is only about half the battle. With some further time spent promoting your website in other areas, most businesses will help increase their traffic even further. This is a great boost to the professional web development and SEO services you already have in place.

Write Blogs

Adding regular blogs that contain SEO keywords can help keep your content fresh with search engines. Regular posts will not only provide more content to be indexed but will also allow you to include new keywords beyond your original optimization. Keep the blog content focused on helpful hints or industry news that your visitors want to know. The more you offer, the more often they will return.

Build Links and Comment on Forums

As an authority in your particular field, consider joining forums that your potential customers are reading. Provide helpful information and gentle guidance to posted questions. You could also comment on related blogs or posts that are related to your field or product. Help people solve problems. While doing so, make sure that your identification on the posts – signature, avatar, user name – are valid ways for interested readers to contact you, and keep your responses professional and polite. Remember this important point: NEVER sell yourself or your service in forum posts or other blog comments. Provide a simple link, and let your expertise speak for itself.

Get Listed in Directories

There are plenty of directories to be found, and the more of them that you list, the more exposure your business will receive. Always submit your site to the major search engines. But also seek out any organizations where your potential customers might be.

Use Social Network Marketing

This tip is particularly helpful when your website is not interactive. Most savvy web users are looking to interact with your business. By providing and maintaining a presence on one or more of the social networks, you will connect with potential customers. As they interact with your business, you will see valuable customer feedback on your product and information on what features could be helpful in the future.

Hard Work Pays Off

A nicely developed website, an optimized website, and old-fashioned elbow grease can make a difference to your online business success. The more you work to get your URL, your company name, and your brand out there, the more traffic your website will see.