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The ABCs of Building a Website – Website Content

In the fourth installment to the series that outlines the steps of the website development process, DuVall Designs in Phoenix, Arizona, is providing a look at the details of web design that all business owners must face. 

With the keywords and key phrases chosen, it is time to focus on your content.  Copywriting for the web is a unique type of writing.  There are a few basic considerations that will not only get your information up on the website, but also help your website designer create pleasing pages and search engine optimization.


The ABCs of Building a Website – Choosing Key Words

The third in the series to help visitors better navigate the details of the website development process, DuVall Designs in Phoenix, Arizona, is providing a look at the details of web design that all business owners must face. 

As you begin to work on the content of your website – what products you will sell or what information is available – it is important to consider how your potential customers will find you.  Most of your web traffic will come from search engines.  It is therefore truly important to use the same words that your visitors will use in a search, and to use those key words as often as reasonably possible on your site.


The ABCs of Building a Website – Know Your Budget

The second in the series to help visitors better understand the website development process, DuVall Designs from Phoenix, Arizona, is providing a look at the variety of topics new business owners must face. 

Most of us consider “budget” to be a dirty word.  But with website development, determining your budget will be one of the most important decisions you make.  You can find website designers that offer website creation costing anywhere from $500 to $500,000.  Chances are good that you do not want or need either of those two extremes.  So determining what you WILL need is important.


The ABCs of Building a Website – A Strong Domain Name

Website designers often encounter business owners that know they need to have website development, but who truly do not understand exactly what that means. To help visitors better understand the process, DuVall Designs from Phoenix, Arizona, is providing a series of blog posts that deal with the variety of topics new business owners must face. When undertaking new website creation, it is important to consider everything from the domain name and project budget, to marketing and potential key word choices, to work flow, website design, search engine optimization, user experience, and website content that leads to sales conversions. This article is first in the series, and outlines the strategies for choosing an effective domain name with keywords that signal exactly what your business offers.


What are Webmaster Services and Website Maintenance?

Most of time these two terms – webmaster service and website maintenance – are interchangeable.  Though there may be true technical differences, most folks use either term to describe an outsourced website support service.  To small businesses, the advantages of outsourcing quickly add up to dollars and sense for your bottom line.

After Website Development there is On-going Website Maintenance
Once a reputable professional website developer has completed your website and published it on the internet, needs for website maintenance will vary by type of site.  Many smaller sites with just a few pages will have minimal need for support, where complex content management system sites (CMS), websites with heavy reliance on Flash applications, or busy online shopping carts may require several hours of attention each week.  Most average small business websites will probably fall somewhere in the middle, needing a handful of support hours each month.


Tricks to Help Website Owners Boost Their SEO

Search engine optimization for your website is essential to helping potential customers find your business. But it is only about half the battle. With some further time spent promoting your website in other areas, most businesses will help increase their traffic even further. This is a great boost to the professional web development and SEO services you already have in place.

Write Blogs

Adding regular blogs that contain SEO key words can help keep your content fresh with search engines. Regular posts will not only provide more content to be indexed, but will also allow you to include new key words beyond your original optimization. Keep the blog content focused on helpful hints or industry news that your visitors want to know. The more you offer, the more often they will return.


The Benefits of Using WordPress for Your Website

It is becoming common to build new websites on a Content Management System (CMS) platform. Simply put, that means that a website is put together using modules and components that all work smoothly as one whole, rather than custom web design that is completely coded by hand. In addition to standardizing development, a CMS site simplifies the updating of content and often allows for the website owner to make changes without any programming experience or in-depth technical knowledge.

WordPress Websites
Of the CMS platforms available, WordPress offers the widest flexibility, reliability, and ease of use. It provides a framework for a wide array of variables and allows developers to build in the exact capabilities that are needed by each client. The core code is light and fast, and the design can be extended infinitely.


The Importance of Choosing the Right Web Developer

When you are ready to develop a website, there are plenty of web developers to choose from in the Phoenix area offering a wide range of products and prices. Some customers will automatically choose the lowest price and some will choose the fanciest name. But with website development, what really matters are the company’s adaptability to your needs and a solid reputation with its clients. Investing some time up front to choose the right web site developer is probably the most important step you can take.

There are some big details in web development that will probably be the same across most companies you talk to, such as choice of layout and navigation options. But as with many projects, some of the most important details are also small details. For a successful finished project that looks great and functions for years to come or can easily be updated as needed, these small details are critical.


The Right Site Architecture Benefits Visitors and Search Engines

Architecture sounds like an intimidating word, and many businesses seeking a website might stop right there.  But the term applied to web sites simply means to give thought to the structure of pages before the development begins.  There is a balance to be achieved between visual appeal, ease of use, and search engine optimization.  An experienced Phoenix SEO company will understand that balance and help guide you to the best architecture choice.

Too Flat or Too Deep
Think of your website architecture as one those old fashion steel climbing structures – monkey bars, if you will – found on older playgrounds.  If the structure is too flat, maybe only one or two levels, it is uninteresting and will not hold the attention of your visitors for very long.  But if the structure is too deep with too many levels, the experience can be confusing, even daunting.  Visitors will make a quick exit if they cannot easily find the information they want.  Search engines, too, can have difficulty indexing the entire site in one pass if the architecture is too convoluted.